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Buy Ethnic Gemstone Painted Wooden Ethnic Jewelry Box Online. This Handcrafted Jewellery Box is made of wood and decorated with Gemstone bani thani Painting. The painting is hand made with finely crushed real gemstones on a glass base, which is a traditional art. The gift piece has been prepared by the creative artisans of Jaipur. Click on the below link to view the product: this-handcrafted-jewellery-box-is-made-of-wood-and-decorated-with-gemstone-bani-thani-painting.-the-painting-is-hand-made-with-finely-crushed-real-gemstones-on-a-glass-base,-which-is-a-traditional-art.-the-gift-piece-has-been-prepared-by-the-creative-artisans-of-jaipur. click-on-the-below-link-to-view-the-product:-
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